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AR Media Productions was founded in 2014 by two friends from film school. We were young we were eager and we were ready to change the world. While we are still young, eager, and wanting to change the world the last two years have taught us a lot about business. We have grown and changed. But most importantly we have found our calling.

We have realized a need. In this 21st century marketplace businesses need to be online in order to attract customers. But businesses also need great content online. Lets face it not all of us are social media gurus able to rack up thousands of followers and effortlessly hawk our wares while running our businesses. You know your business and we know online, so lets help each other out. AR Media Productions is all about supporting local businesses. We want to encourage people to reach their clients through the power of online interactions. The online asset you can have which carries the most impact is video! But we understand that you have to have the foundations first. And that is where we come in.

You can find more information about our services on the pages of this site. But in brief we offer video production services to businesses and organizations wanting to engage their audience through the largest advertising space available - the internet. We offer training course in digital video marketing, and we manage our clients social media videos. We also work with clients wanting to record corporate functions, training events, live events, and commercials.

AR Media also makes films. Why? Because that is what attracted us in the first place. We love to share stories. It is what makes us good at marketing your business, because we get the power of story. Currently we are working on our first feature film. We have various shorts in development, and we are still plugging away on our first feature documentary and will have that out here soon for you our friends and fans.

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Our Team

Adam Bova
Founder - Producer
Adam Bova, MFA, has 10 years of experience working in the film industry. He has a special interest in online video distribution. He has worked for First Presbyterian Norfolk, Regent Read More
Danielle M. Thompson-Bova
Director - Digital Expert
Danielle M. Thompson , MSt Oxon, is a director, writer, and editor, and she has also created educational media for two different universities. Her strongest interest is feature films, and Read More
Ryan Pace
Director - Founder
Ryan Pace, MFA, has worked in film and television for over a decade. His passion lies in documentary storytelling. Ryan worked at Commonwealth Public Broadcasting (PBS) in Richmond, VA for Read More
Adrian Garcia
Graphics Designer
Adrian I. Garcia was raised in the small rural town of Cobden, IL. It was in that lovely orchard town that he first discovered television, and decided never to play Read More
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