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AR Media Productions was founded by two friends from university. Adam and Ryan - the A and R of our names respectively. We were on the second floor of a lovely café in Bruges, Belgium when we registered the name of the company. Since then we have committed ourselves to sharing great stories and helping businesses grow.  Today we work hard to bring you the best social media management and video production being offered.


and VIDEO?

That's an easy one. More often than not, the first time a potential client interacts with your business, it happens online. They will look you up via Google, YouTube, or even Facebook before they call, email, or walk in. That's why we leverage social media to help you make a great first impression online. And what better way to make that impression than with a video, where clients can see and hear about your business. A good video can speak to people emotionally, in a way that text and photos just can't. Often, purchase decisions are based on how consumers feel about a business or product.  Tap into that power by incorporating video into your marketing strategy.  We'll help you make choices about both the creative side and the strategic side of digital media marketing. 


Adam Bova

Founder - Producer

Adam Bova, MFA, has 10 years of experience working in the film industry. He has a special interest in online video distribution. He has worked for First Presbyterian Norfolk, Regent University, and now AR Media. His credits inculde over 30 projects including the award winning ‘The Long Way Out’.

Danielle M. Thompson-Bova

Filmmaker/Content Creator
Danielle Melissovas Thompson

Danielle M. Thompson is a filmmaker and digital content creator.  She enjoys video production, editing, photography, and graphic design. Her passion is for feature films, and she most enjoys the visual aspects of storytelling.  Her credits include narrative, documentary, and commercial projects.
Ryan Pace

Director - Founder

Ryan Pace, MFA, has worked in film and television for over a decade. His passion lies in documentary storytelling. Ryan worked at Commonwealth Public Broadcasting (PBS) in Richmond, VA for over 5 years, produced marketing videos at Regent University and has freelanced for several years.
His credits include over 20 different projects including the award winning “Making of Passing a Message’ and ‘The Long Way Out’.

Adrian Garcia

Graphics Designer

Adrian I. Garcia was raised in the small rural town of Cobden, IL. It was in that lovely orchard town that he first discovered television, and decided never to play outside again. He majored in Cinema-Television at Regent University with a particular interest in writing and art department. With almost eight years of graphic design experience under his belt, Adrian enjoys creating logos for various organizations. He is currently working on developing a sitcom, and wrapping up his short film, “The Boy with The Rabbit.”

Paul Glover

Camera Operator

An experienced cam-op without whom we would be lost.


Kari Kemp, Dave Flanagan & Co.

Ed Carr, Christian Business Chamber

I have had the blessing of engagement with AR Media and Adam Bova for the past 2 years now. His level of professionalism that he brings to the daunting task of video and editing with creativity is absolutely amazing. He is an incredible producer making it easy to work with him and his team to bring a professional edge only found with trained professionals doing the work. His team is made up of like minded individuals at the top of their craft with camera, lighting, staging and production to fit your needs. From the small one takes as part of a marketing piece to full scale commercial production and story mapping to achieve desired results. I highly recommend AR Media to anyone seeking the professional services they offer in media productions. You will be amazed at the process and the results.

Paul Mulcahy, Dave Flanagan & Co.

AR Media
Chesapeake VA 23320

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