AR Media Production does not only do online videos for our clients. We also will create any video project you need done be that a commercial, documentary or even a film. We specialize is sharing stories that connect, and any great commercial or film has to have a story that connects and resonates with an audience. We are constantly working hard to be your one source for all of your digital and video needs. We feel this helps you have a consistent vision and message across your digital and video platforms, helping your business have that polished and inspired look.







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What are they?

Why are they needed?

Think of these videos as your business’s yellow page listing, combined with your local television commercial - all kicked up to the next level! These online videos are digital calling cards for your business geared for the 21st century. The empower your company to reach, engage, and convert new audience members and clients to your brand.

An online video created for your business by AR Media Productions is a perfect introduction to your business for a new client. These videos go well on home pages, and shared on social media. They are a great first impression for new clients to your business. They can wow, inspire, and inform clients while leading them to do business with you instead of your competition. They are also a way for you to stand out from your competition.

A business needs a video like the ones produced by AR Media for a variety of reasons. Most initial interactions between your business and a new client will be done digitally, either through your website or via social media. This is just a fact of life in the 21st century. These videos capture a client’s attention and holds it longer than just text or images. In the same way TV ads in the later half of the 20th century were vital to a business, these new online videos for business are essential to the thriving entrepreneur. These videos help you to stand out and be unique in a crowded digital marketplace. These videos are powerful and versatile tools that you can use to reach new clients.









Monthly Digital marketing video production


After you have the basics down of posting regularly to social media, you need a way to distinguish your top quality content. This is the content you really want customers to pay attention to. One of the best ways to do that is through videos. 

AR Media Productions makes this easy. For those clients who already have a good social media presence and are wanting to up their marketing game, we offer this local video production service in Virginia and northern North Carolina. By signing up for this subscription and combining multiple videos into one marathon day (don’t worry it is a marathon for us, a walk in the park for you) we pass on to you economies of scale. 

We will help you put together scripts that are relevant to your industry and cover topics your customers are interested in hearing about. We will develop these scripts to fit into your current social media marketing strategy. These videos will be top of the line and separate you from your competition that may be cutting corners by filming DIY videos on their own. (Or going with less than reputable advertising agencies that will take you for your arm and leg while robbing the bank!) 

This is a monthly subscription service where we schedule a day (or more) to come and film enough video content for you to then post videos consistently for the month. We market and package our services in this way to give you savings and to ensure you always have top quality video content. Like these video clips: 








Do you need to record a quick interview session, for a training session, a course, or a campaign? AR Media Production specializes in crafting good stories. What makes a good interview great is not fancy cameras (which we have) but the ability to draw out a good story from the person telling it. That is what engages the audience. This is a special offering from AR Media currently only available in Richmond VA, and Hampton Roads. We will either meet you at your office or conference room to do the interview, or we will arrange an appropriate space to film the interview. These videos are useful in a variety of ways and we make these high-quality videos affordable for you.








For many businesses live seminars or training sessions are essential. You are probably already conducting these in your business. But how many times after the event is over do you or another employee wish they could see the session again for that amazing quote that inspired them the first time? AR Media Productions has a solution – live event recording. These videos offer a record of the event you and your employees can go back to time and time again. They also provide an easy way for employees who miss the event to stay connected and learn the material covered in the session. Live Event videos can increase your current training and enrichment program rate of retention and participation.







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