Top 5 Posts to jump start online engagements


They are a fun way to share something funny, relatable, or inspirational. There are bound to be a few memes already made about your industry just look. Or you can create your own with sites like Canva.


Who does not like a good photo. If you happen to work in an industry that caters to kids, babies, puppies or kitties then you have readymade shareable content! For the rest of you, snap a photo of you hard at work for a client, or show off an interesting part of your process. I am sure you can get a few shares out of that.


Optimism is the faith that leads to achievement. Nothing can be done without hope and confidence. – Helen Keller. Quotes are good they get shared.  A lot. Just spend some time finding a good one that works for your business.


People will share a good, funny, or engaging video. You do it all the time, be honest. Your customers and clients will too. If there is a trending video that works for your industry go ahead and share it from your business page. Just never pass off another’s work as your own.

Blog Entry 

These work fairly well, and keeping a blog has the added bonus of helping your website’s SEO, when done correctly. The key is to have an engaging photo that draws you into the post makes you pause read the short description and then click on the blog. If the article (or one you found) is good then it will be shareable material.