Top 5: Top 5 Ways a Business can drive customers away online

We have been talking this week about what to post to attract customers. I thought it only appropriate that we spend a little time this week talking about what NOT to post. So here is a list of the top 5, in our opinion, worst posting habits you can have if you are wanting to attract clients.

1: Post too often.

Unless you sell thousands of items or have hundreds of services posting more than once a day or even more than once a week can drive customers away. They do not want their news feed clogged with posts by your business.But if you have great content you are sharing you can get around this.

2: Only posting buy now style posts.

People don’t like to be shouted at which is what this can feel like. People want to feel like they have a relationship with your business and let’s be real when was the last time you stuck with a friend that only sold you something every single time you saw them or talked to them.

3: Not posting.

Conversely, if you never post online then no one will ever find your business. So you have to post and post consistently.

4: Not having reviews.

This is a tricky one. But if you have reviews people are MORE likely to engage with your business. If you do not have reviews you are going to have to work harder to get them to interact with your page. It is not impossible to do but you want to stack as much in your favor as you can.

5: Not having photos or videos.

If your posts do not have at least a photo in them people are going to scroll right on by. They may not even realize it. Social Media is so visual and photos are so prevalent that as we are scrolling our eyes just lumps text together in between the photos. If your post has no photo most people as they are scrolling will just assume it was a part of the last post with a photo.