Top 5 ways to use video

1) Create An Intro Video

Describe your business and what it does showcase your premise. Showcase a few products. Showcase happy customers and happy employees. Does not need to be fancy but think of this video as the first welcome to my business item new customers will see.

2) Create A Product Or Service Video

These short little videos are wonderful for the product page of your website. Show your product or service in action, show how it fixes the problem. Show satisfied customers.  Basically, you are showcasing your product or service for the world to see. 

3) Create A Testimonial Video

Do not be satisfied with just showing happy customers let new customers hear from your current fans. Have customers come in for a video testimonial or hire actors to deliver a written testimony from a customer. Be sure to showcase your regulars if they are willing and if you can get some shots of them using your product or service even better!

4) Create A Training Video

Happy employees make happy customers. Be sure your employees are trained and ready to handle anything your customers may throw at them. Training videos are a great way to boost your training efforts. If everyone in the company is unable to attend a training seminar or other live event record a video of it to share with everyone afterward.

5) Create A Marketing Video

Think of this exactly as you would a commercial. These videos work to raise brand awareness and are useful online and on television if done correctly. Remember where you are going to place this video, and if it is online then the rules are different. You have fewer seconds to capture and keep people’s attention. The screen will most likely be a mobile phone. The message needs to be clear and the tone relatable.