Why should I use video?

Welcome back! This week I will be talking about the various reasons you should be using video in your online promotion of your business. This week we are going beyond just social media to include websites, landing pages, ads, and how video can integrate into an evergreen sales funnel. There I think I have included enough keywords in this first paragraph now on to the discussion.

The Merits of Video are many. It is hard to pick a place to begin. I want you to think about your customers for a moment. Think about new customers and how they are discovering your business. Whether they start online, hear a friend talk about you, or even walking down the street almost every single person for the vast majority of businesses are going to google you first. I think this especially holds true the younger you are but that is rapidly changing. They are going to look you up online, they may try searching for you on Facebook etc. But in some way they are going to pull out their phone or hop on a computer and look you up first, before they walk through the door or send you an email or give you a phone call.

Now that we have established the initial reaction of a customer when they hear about or see your business. I want you to think about your preferences. Would you be more likely to click on a link to a website that is all text or would you be more likely to click on a video? Be totally honest. We like videos more than we like to read. Could you imagine for a moment what a quick little intro video, introducing your business products and services to new customers could do for your business? You could answer once with one video the what do you do, what do you sell, who are you questions. And that is just an intro video.

Video is nearly unlimited in what it can do. It captures our attention, it tells a story, it shares information. You could have a video answering any FAQs about your business, you could do a demo video of your products or services, you could do video testimonies from past clients. You can even do videos to share internally with your employees to motivate and inspire them. Your imagination and budget really are the limit here.

Speaking of budget. I want to point something out to you. If you do an intro video for your business this is going to be the first thing a new customer views about your business. This goes really for any business any video has the potential to be the first thing people see about your business. Are you really sure that the first impression your customers have of your business is a DIY selfie cellphone video? Is that really the message you want to send to clients? DO NOT SKIMP on online video. These videos will be your business’s first impression. AND if the video is done right by a professional who knows what they are doing there is no reason that video should not return dividends to you for years. If you want to know more about business videos and how AR Media mirrors high quality with affordability email me today at adam@armedia.us Now it is possible for you to do an amazing video on your own. There are plenty of DIY sites out there to help you do just that. But if you really care about first impressions I would strongly encourage you to spend a little money you will not regret it in the long run.

One thing to think about when budgeting for a video is their life span. Video is great evergreen content. You could place a video on your home page and if done right will be useful for more than a year! The right video and the right message could last you for years I cannot say that enough. So although video does have a high initial cost you can realistically spread that cost out over years of returns. But then again variety is the spice of life and having new video content pop up now and again could really improve your business performance on social media. So there should be a balance and that is what I provide. 

Video can work anywhere in your sales funnel or website. It works great on your home page introducing your business. It works on product pages demonstrating the amazing features and benefits of your product. They are easy to share online via email, social media, and blog posts. In fact there are quite a few studies that show if you include a video in an email and use the word video or watch in the subject heading of the email you will drastically improve your open rates.

Another great way to use video online is in ads. Think of these as exactly like television commercials but instead of having to pay the huge price to advertise on television you can advertise straight on the sites your customers are already on. Videos are better than images alone at capturing and engaging the audience. But a word of warning online is different than on TV and your old TV ads may not give you the same impact as a uniquely designed ad for online could give you. 

Lastly videos are great tools in your sales funnel. The right video can be the difference between a customer purchasing a product or moving on to another company. These are just some of the amazing ways you can use video. If you would like to learn more or would like to receive a free consultation for us to review ways video could help your business specifically please contact us and mention this blog post. Join us later in the week as we talk more about video and what you should be looking for. Thank you for reading and I will see you later.